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[The benefit of the textile industry has improved!]
Release date:[2021/10/15] Is reading[33]次

The quality and efficiency of the textile industry improved in the first half of the year!

Since 2021, the national economy has been steadily improving and the consumption potential has been steadily released. Driven by the multiple holidays in the first half of the year, the domestic market for textiles and apparel has steadily recovered, and its role in driving the steady recovery of the industry’s economic operation has increased.

According to data, in the first half of 2021, the national sales of clothing, footwear, hats, and knitting textiles above designated size increased by 33.7% year-on-year, with an average increase of 3.7% in the two years.

Dongguan Donghong New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991. It is a medium-sized enterprise specializing in the production of various PP yarns. It currently has 16 polypropylene filament production lines and has formed an annual production scale of 20,000 tons of PP yarn.


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