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[The difference between nylon yarn and PP yarn]
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What are the performance differences between nylon yarn and PP yarn?

1. The characteristics of nylon yarn: abrasion resistance is higher than all other fibers, 10 times higher than cotton abrasion resistance, and 20 times higher than wool. A little polyamide fiber is added to the blended fabric to greatly improve its abrasion resistance; When stretched to 3-6%, the elastic recovery rate can reach 100%; it can withstand tens of thousands of times of bending without breaking.

2. The characteristics of PP yarn: Because polyamide has non-toxic, light weight, excellent mechanical strength, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance.

Dongguan Donghong New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991. It is a medium-sized enterprise specializing in the production of various polypropylene yarns. It has formed an annual production scale of 20,000 tons of polypropylene yarn.


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